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We are a group of Christians trying our best to serve and glorify our God in Heaven. We believe the Bible is God's message to all people, and is inspired, accurate and relevant. We take a simple, no-nonsense approach to our worship -- It's all about honoring God -- Not ourselves!

Please come visit one of our services where you will be welcome and feel welcomed.

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   Regular Worship Times

Sunday AM Worship: 9:30am

Sunday Bible Study: 10:50am

Sunday PM Worship: 4:00pm

Wednesday Bible Study: 7:30pm



Sunday Sermon Previews

9-22-19 - AM: Getting Something For Nothing - In life achievement is usually accompanied with hard work and dedication.  However, some people are always looking for quick-fixes and loopholes.   In our modern world we sometimes call this entitlement.  The Jews in Jesus' day believed in entitlement because they were a direct descendant of Abraham, entitled to blessings and benefits from God.  Inheritance was a crucial part of Jewish life in Jesus' day, but that wasn't the only thing God required -- He also stressed obedience, love and commitment.  In this lesson we will focus on what happens to Christians when they begin to believe they are entitled and priveleged.

9-22-19 - PM: The Humanity of Jesus - In his gospel, John tells us that Jesus is both man and God.  Through-out time many have been skeptical of Jesus' divinity.  What do you believe?  Was Jesus just a man, or was he something more?  Come and study with us as we explore this important question.