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We are a group of Christians trying our best to serve and glorify our God in Heaven. We believe the Bible is God's message to all people, and is inspired, accurate and relevant. We take a simple, no-nonsense approach to our worship -- It's all about honoring God -- Not ourselves!

Please come visit one of our services where you will be welcome and feel welcomed.

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Sunday AM Worship: 9:30am

Sunday Bible Study: 10:50am

Sunday PM Worship: 4:00pm

Wednesday Bible Study: 7:30pm


Sunday Sermons Preview

7-21-19 - AM & PM: This morning I will begin a series of lessons entitled: Elders: God's Faithful Shepherds.  God's design for the church was for each congregation to have a plurality of elders. In scripture he provided qualifications and described the work and function of elders.  In these lessons we will examine the scope and source of elder's authority, the nature of their work and oversight, the correct attitude a congregation should have toward an eldership and finally and an analysis of the qualifications. Please come join us for this important study.