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We are a group of Christians trying our best to serve and glorify our God in Heaven. We believe the Bible is God's message to all people, and is inspired, accurate and relevant. We take a simple, no-nonsense approach to our worship -- It's all about honoring God -- Not ourselves!

2019 Spring Gospel Meeting
With Jerome Sasonecki of Danville, IN
April 14-17
Sunday AM: Worship: 9:30 & Bible Study: 10:50
Sunday PM: 4:00
Monday - Wednesday: 7:00 PM

Please come visit one of our services where you will be welcome and feel welcomed.

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Here is a Quick-Look at this Sunday's Sermons:

Is The Criticism Of Job’s Wife Fair?  (3-24-19-AM):    

Job’s wife is forever remembered as telling her husband, “to curse God and die.”  How would you like to be remembered for all time for words spoken in a moment of profound despair and despondency?  In this lesson we will discuss these issues.

The Marks Of Jesus (3-24-19-AM)  

Some occupations can take a heavy toll on one’s emotional and physical health.  The same could be said about the 33 years Jesus spent on earth.  The physical and emotional marks of Jesus were evident on his body and life.  In this lesson we will discuss how Christians should  exhibit similar marks.